Details of offices / branches of the organization.


Name and address of bankers.


Providing documents and services

We will provide you with all the requisite documents for Registration in your Country Including
Dossiers, GMP Certificates, ISO 9002
Certificates, CE Certificates, Certificate of Analysis along with the Requisite samples in your Brand
names with the Power of Attorney in you name & your Authorization to Solely Market the
products in your Country & we will not interfere in your Market, neither will we entertain any
other parties from your country, so that you can enjoy the Monopoly of your brand in your country.
Please send us your enquiry for the products you require & the Quantity of each items required in
every phase of your purchases, As you know that, the Rates depends on the Quantity of your
purchases. The more the quantity, the most economical will be the Rates per unit.

We are registered members of

Pharmexcil (Basic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics Export Promotion Council )
Malwa Chamber of Commerce and Industries
Apeda(Agriculture &Processed Food Product Export Development Authority)
Fiyo (The Federation Of India Export Organizations)